CCB Registration and Login

A Login/New User Registration Request

Step One:  As a new user, start by clicking Create Account on our CCB login page.

Our login page is at:


You will be directed to a form prompting you to input the following:


  • If a profile with a matching email address is found in the system, an activation email will be sent immediately after the form submission and you will be able to log in without assistance.
  • If the system does not find a match, an email will be sent to an administrator notifying them of the request.

There are three reasons an email will be sent to an administrator:

  1. You do not yet have a profile in CCB
  2. The email used to sign up does not match the email address in any profile
  3. The email used to sign up belongs to an inactive profile

Step Two:  An activation email allowing you to activate your login and set a password will be sent.

  • By default, the software will use the email address in the profile as the username unless another profile is using the same email address as its username.
  • Each username must be unique, so if the profile’s email address is already in use as another profile’s username the software will use the first and last name of the person as the username (e.g., janedoe).
  • A number will be added after the first and last name in the event it is also in use as a username (e.g., janedoe1).

Below is an example login activation email that you will receive:

Step Three:  Respond to the Activation Email

  1. Click on the link included to go to the activation page.
  2. You may change the username if you’d prefer to use something other than your email address.
  3. Enter and confirm your password.
  4. Click Submit to save the changes.

  1. After entering a password, you will receive a confirmation message and be able to use the new username and password to log in.
  2. You will also receive an email confirming your login was created successfully.
  3. A unique username is required, so if you share an email with others or attempted to set a username that’s already taken, you may receive an error message indicating the username is already in use. Enter a different username to finish the setup process.

Success!  Start Enjoying CCB!

Go back to the login page at:

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